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The Quality Mark Committee

When is a company really doing sustainable business? In our view, this means that the organisation consciously focuses in its activities on adding value to people, planet and profit, constantly seeks a careful balance in this, reports on this in an active and transparent way and conducts an open dialogue about this with its stakeholders. These activities are carried out in various fields, such as energy, housing, waste management, purchasing, transport, etc.
But with this quality mark, we focus specifically on waste management. Because what you don't buy, you don't have to dispose of!

The Quality Mark Committee was established in 2020 and its main task is precisely the development, promotion and management of the Zero Waste Quality Mark. The main objective of the committee is to structurally increase the quality level of the entire Zero Waste Quality Mark. The Committee reports on its activities every six months. The Quality Mark Committee consists of at least three members who have knowledge of and (practical) experience in sustainable entrepreneurship.

The decisions of the committee are taken by majority, members have one vote and decisions taken must not violate existing protocols, regulations and contracts.

The decisions taken by the Zero Waste Quality Mark Committee are public, the reports of the decisions taken are not public.

An independent outsider, namely a delegation from the organisation of Keurmerk Nederland, also participates in the Zero Waste Quality Mark Committee.

What are the tasks, powers and responsibilities?

The Zero Waste Quality Mark Committee is ultimately responsible for updating, adapting and establishing the quality mark requirements. As a rule, this is carried out annually; exceptions to this are allowed.

How does the Quality Mark Committee check the quality of inspections?

A representative of the Quality Mark Committee attends a Quality Mark inspection at least once a year and they also review at least 10% of the inspection reports.

The Zero Waste Quality Mark Committee is an independent body and is therefore only indirectly accountable for its actions to Keurmerk Nederland.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee has various roles and tasks.

The 2021 Quality Mark Committee consists of:

 Manager Renewi EcoSmart:     Willem Sterkenburg
 Representative of Keurmerk Nederland:     Henk Achterberg
 Representative of sector organisations:  Otto Friebel