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Quality Mark requirements

The requirements for the Zero Waste quality mark are structured as follows and are divided into six themes in the list of requirements:

  • Theme 1: measuring the waste stream
  • Theme 2: the organisation’s employees
  • Theme 3: the organisation's suppliers
  • Theme 4: the purchasing organisation
  • Theme 5: other matters
  • Theme 6: assurance

You can provide evidence and answers by means of various documents (both digital and hard copy) and provide some explanation.

In addition to some mandatory questions and requirements, a maximum of 5 points can be obtained for each other question. A total of 70 points can be scored. With a score of at least 49 points, the Zero Waste Quality Mark will be awarded. In addition to the certificate, an emblem is also issued with the result. You can therefore also send this to business contacts, clients, employees and authorities.

How often do audits take place?

The inspection of the Zero Waste Quality Mark takes place once a year. After the first inspection, the annual re-inspections take place in writing by means of submitting evidence. After a period of 5 years, a physical re-inspection must take place again.

What is the procedure during a quality mark inspection?

The Zero Waste Quality Mark is tested at the companies in the organisation itself by professional inspectors of Keurmerk Nederland.

You can use the checklist (downloadable on this page) to determine whether your company is ready for the audit.

On the agreed date, the inspector will go through the checklist with you and assess it in an average of half a day. After the inspection, if successful, your organisation will be awarded the Zero Waste Quality Mark.

The inspection is carried out on the basis of the quality mark requirements and shows whether you objectively meet a number of critical points in the area of a Zero Waste organisation on which customers and employees can judge you.

By obtaining the Zero Waste Quality Mark, you demonstrate that your company aims to be among the leading companies in the field of sustainability in your sector.

Download the list of requirements here